water transport in the 21st century.... welcome to futuremode

Innovative boats and electric power

Water transport

Welcome to Futuremode, a company dedicated to water transport in the 21st century and specialising in two areas of the marine leisure market:

innovative light weight take anywhere watercraft


electric power for boats

Innovative boats

Futuremode's Electric Water Beetle is light weight and easily carried on the roof of a car. With a shallow draft and powered by an electric outboard motor the Electric Water Beetle is the canal and river equivalent of a motor scooter.

Electric power

The future is electric and the ability to generate power from renewable resources is particularly suited to water transport because weight is not a penalty. Boats are the ideal vehicles to take advantage of 21st century developments in wind, solar, and bio fuel power generation.

Inland and coastal waterways

There are over 4,000 miles of inland waterways in the UK and another 10,000 miles in western Europe. All you need is a boat to start exploring this fabulous heritage.




Further information

Please browse our site for further information and we hope you enjoy your vist.

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